CLLD Meeting: FLAGs, LAGs and MAs from Romania and Bulgaria

On June 29, FLAG Burgas-Kameno and Burgas Municipality hosted a work meeting for experience exchange between FLAGs, LAGs and MAs from Bulgaria and Romania.

A delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – Romania and representatives of local initiative groups participated in a bilateral meeting between the Bulgarian and Romanian managing authorities of the two countries as part of the Leader / CLLD approach.

Bogdan Alecu, Deputy Director General of the Directorate-General for Rural Development – Managing Authority of the National Rural Development Program in Romania, representatives of the Napoca Porolisum LAG, Vasile Trypon, Mayor of Calatsele, Desmirean Horatiu from Napoca University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, the President of the Romanian Leader Federation, the President of the Youth Rural Parliament and others took part in the workshop.

Stefan Spasov, Head of the CLLD Department, Prof. Svetla Bachvarova and experts from the Rural Development Directorate took part on behalf of the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

The meeting in Burgas focused on topics related to the possibilities for strengthening cooperation between local action groups (LAGs and FLAGs) from the two countries.

Romania and Bulgaria have common history together, as well as cultural and culinary traditions, which creates preconditions for support and development of joint activities and projects within the CLLD approach.

The topic of discussion was the organization of a bilateral international forum for CLLD, including a conference and exhibition of producers from the territories of FLAGs and LAGs from Bulgaria, Romania and other EU countries such as Slovenia and Croatia. The event is planned to take place in Constanta and Burgas in early October and will be hosted in Burgas by the Municipality of Burgas and FLAG Burgas-Kameno.