World Wetlands Day 2021

For the World Wetlands Day the team at FLAG Burgas-Kameno organized an informational educational visit in “Anton Strashimirov” Primary School, Burgas.

The initiative included children from 1st grade with teachers Mrs. P. Suleva and Mrs. D. Teneva and 4th grade with teacher Mrs. N. Karastamova.

The wetlands in our city of Burgas – Lake “Vaya”, Atanasovsko and Mandrensko lakes were presented with an interesting presentation, as well as the inhabiting species. The children took active part, asked many questions and learned about the many important functions that these wetlands perform.

Of course, there were drawing games and puzzles, as well as gifts for everyone!

The requirements and safety measures were observed during the visit.

We thank Mrs. D. Petkova – Director of “Anton Strashimirov” Primary School for the assistance.

Special thanks also to Via Pontica Foundation and the Burgas Lakes Fishermen’s Association, members of FLAG Burgas-Kameno, for the provided materials and support!

Despite the epidemiological situation and the limitations associated with it, it is important that children are informed, brought up with love for nature and with personal example.