“Hello, SEA” Festival 25-27 June

Music, Bulgarian traditions, entertainment and sports will be part of the new summer festival “Hello, SEA!”, Which will be held from 25 to 27 June in the neighborhood “Kraimorie”.

The event is organized by the Community Center “Petar Yanev 1939” and the Municipality of Burgas. The aim is to establish the festival as an annual event that will present to the general public the richness of Bulgarian folklore, traditions and crafts. One of the highlights of this year’s edition is fishing, which has been practiced in this region since ancient times.

The festival “Hello, SEA!” Starts on the central beach in “Kraimorie” from 10:30 am on June 25 with a beach volleyball tournament. All those wishing to join can apply until June 23, Wednesday, in the building of the community center.

The program will continue on Saturday, June 26, with a workshop on decoupage and floriculture, and later on the open stage of the boat dock will begin the concert “Hello, SEA!” with the special participation of the Vocal Ensemble “Fortissimo” and the Galaxy Trio. Gifted children from “Kraimorie” will participate with bagpipe performances and folk songs from different folklore regions of the country. The concert program for the evening will end with a fireworks display over the Kraimorie.

On Sunday, June 27, all residents and guests of the city can join craft workshops, where they will see how to knit a fishing net, how to make baskets, copper and pottery. In the culinary and craft stands visitors will find many interesting surprises. Everyone will have the opportunity to make their own souvenir for the holiday. Admission to all events in the holiday program is free.

The event is organized by the Community Center “Petar Yanev 1939” within the project “Development, preservation and promotion of the identity of intangible cultural heritage in Kraimorie”, Burgas Municipality, Contract № BG14MFOP001-4.030-0002-C02, funded by the Strategy for CLLD of FLAG “Burgas – Kameno” under the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Programme 2014 – 2020, co-financed by the European Union through the European Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Fund.